Monday, June 18, 2007

It's a blogger's world!

Not that I don't already have enough to do....I have decided to join the blogger community. And this is my first official post! I am terrible at journal keeping and updating friends and family with what's going on with our life, so I figure why not start a blog and kill two birds with one stone. Besides, you know you were meant to be a blogger if you find yourself sitting at your computer after midnight when you have finally gotten the kids to bed and the house settled for the night-Right?


Jon and Melissa said...

Hey this is exciting. I'll have to start my own blog site. Nice to see the pics of the family.

Kurt the Eye Doctor.

Puts a smile on my face everytime that thought runs through.

We're happy that you guys are going to be in Utah. Remember Cache valley rules and is the place to be after residency in SLC.

Keep posting

Rochelle said...

I am sooooo excited for you to have a blog!!! Now you need to put a link on your page to my page. I already added you to mine! Wahoo.
Paging Doctor Hepworth? Has anyone seen Docotr Hepworth? I love it.....


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